Tony Duke


Senior Training Consultant and Motivational Speaker


Tony began working in the Exercise and Fitness in the U.K. sector during the late 1990's,before directing his talents to The Health & Social Care Sector.Tony is qualified and very experienced in -

Exercise to Music, Step, Aqua Training Programmes, Circuit Training, Resistance Training, Cardio Machine Training, Self-Defence, Nutrition, Exercise Referral, Team Building,  Motivation, Personal Training.


Tony is very experienced in working with less able adults in many different environments.

He worked at a local college teaching 1st year students sport and recreation, but realised that he wanted to find clients with challenges and more complex needs. Tony was then employed as gym supervisor at a high profile Luxury Health Spa( Forest Mere)Hampshire,England, working as a personal trainer and delivering studio classes including Aerobics, Aqua sessions, Cross Country Power walking, Relaxation and Stress Management sessions to its members including some very rich & famous celebrities.

Tony has also worked as club fitness manager with a national health club (Fitness First) in Hampshire,England- here tony found he had a talent for motivating clients especially those with physical and mental challenges and people with little motivation and low self-esteem.

Then Tony found a new, challenging yet very rewarding position at an NHS psychiatric hospital- St James Hospital, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. Working as a Physiotherapy assistant, spending much of his time working with Dementia patients and clients with other mental and physical challenges. This led Tony to focus his talents on developing ways of getting people with physical and/or mental challenges, more active in a safe yet practical way based on the client’s individual needs. This is when Tony started developing the seated physical activity programme -SPA.

He found this is not always as straight forward as it may look to others, but always believes that anybody can do something. It’s just about finding out a little about each individual, what they like and then push the right buttons.

Tony says:it’s not always about the physical benefits of exercise or physical activities, as sometimes the physcological benefits are more important. Remember! When we exercise and relax our minds, our body always feels better. That’s when we should start to consider looking at the physical benefits! -the mind and the body are linked.

Tony is a highly motivated professional tutor and instructor, a motivational speaker on the subject of motivation and physical activity, tony's been a speaker at many health and social care shows around the U.K. and is very popular with his unique style of getting audiance's to particpate in his seminars.

Tony is an Associate Member of the College of Occupational Therapists, a member of The Royal Society of Health Promotion Education, and a member of The Institute of Health Promotion and Education, skilled in presenting the benifits of physical and mental stimulation whilst keeping focused on including the FUN!