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Regular Seated Physical Activity (SPA) sessions.

Care Homes who bring in outside activity providers find they can inspire increased interaction.


New clients are offered one ½ price introductory session and we’re pleased to say that Homes who try our sessions agree we offer good value for money and most continue to book us on a fortnightly basis or occasionally weekly, depending on the size of the Home.

Vitalyz Exercise Ltd have a team of qualified, insured, security checked and experienced instructors who deliver Vitalyz seated exercise activity sessions on a regular basis. 

At the end of each visit an evaluation sheet is completed and left with the Home for their records, these often prove useful for visiting health professionals such as GPs, OTs and Physiotherapists as well as family members who often don’t realise what can still be achieved and what residents do in between their visits!


Each session is scheduled for one hour during which our instructor will be on site (even if the session has finished) so they are able to communicate and build proffessional relationships with residents and staff. 

We invoice at the end of each month as our instructors don’t handle money.

Whilst we have comprehensive insurance, it is the Care Homes responsibility to provide a safe, suitable venue in which sessions can take place and the care team are asked to:


• Decide whom they consider to be suitable, able and willing to take part in the sessions.  For Health & Safety reasons, our instructors are not allowed to choose or locate participants.

• Ensure potential participants are informed of the dates/times/location of sessions.

• Ensure the instructor is informed of any relevant medical conditions of those who attend the session.

• Designate, and make known to our instructor, a responsible member of their team upon whom they can call in an emergency or assistance.


For more information on these services please contact Zoe Duke :  or phone : 02392 358285

The Local Team


Sara Leson - Latest memeber of our local team. ( info and photo soon).


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