Our Silver SPA workshop

Community SettingsA APricesSSSeated Physical Activities (SPA) in Care
& Community Settings

*Now includes our dementia resource ( My Dreams of Being)*

Enabling you to understand and deliver, basic seated activities to less able
adults, ensuring continued health & wellbeing through physical movements.

During this 4hr workshop participants will:

Everyone leaves with a confident and positive attitude to this therapeutic
activity PLUS comprehensive SPA workshop notes on CDRom, stress ball,
SPA Certificate of Attendance and a copy of our *dementia resource CD*

In-House 4 hour training.

  Up to 10 people = £795.00 = £79.50 per member of staff trained.


£895.00 for up to 20 people = £44.75 per member of staff trained.

(plus travel -  ask for a quote)     

NB: After this, learners will be delivering simple seated physical activities so we recommend notifying your insurers that training in this subject has been received.               

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