Music for

 Seated Physical Activity Sessions.

We are pleased to have found some suitable music for your exercise/activity sessions which can be easily purchased / downloaded.

It’s always a challenge to find appropriate music as we all have our own preferences: from the classics right through to today’s music.

Most albums alternate lively tracks with ballads so the beat goes up and down making it difficult to keep pace.  Coming from an exercise/fitness background, we have often used music designed for exercise classes with a very active audience which doesn’t always fit the bill for SPA sessions.

Happily the music industry has recognised we’re working with less mobile people within our communities and they have begun to introduce new albums actually designed for seniors(!) and these are beginning to appear on popular download sites such as iTunes & Amazon.

In case you’re still unsure, I’ve selected a few albums that work well with SPA (Seated Physical Activity) sessions and when you look at the song lists you will see the theme or style of the music and there’s plenty of options for a variety of music tastes so be brave and introduce new music!

This is a FREE PDF document with all the details about some great albums you can download direct from Amazon & iTunes.

We hope it helps.

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